Juneau String Ensembles' Aurora Strings at the Mendenhall Glacier!

We are so close to our Fundraising Goal - Please help and donate today!!

Come see us at Juneau Jazz and Classics Community Day at UAS on May 18th.  In addition to performing we'll have carnival games, lemonade, popcorn, and raffle tickets.  Raffle Tickets are $10 each. 

Drawing to be held May 18th.

Please call 209-9420 for info.


Juneau String Ensembles is currently composed of three ensembles - Ursa Major, Aurora Strings, and Ursa Minor - under the direction of Mr. Guo Hua Xia.  The thirty-five students range from 8 to 18 years of


  • Provide students with an opportunity for musical enjoyment by nurturing a heightened awareness of the value of music in their lives and society in general.
  • Encourage personal development by improving individual performance and ensemble skills while working with a peer group that has attained the same level of expertise and talent.
  • Promote discipline and a sense of commitment.
  • Offer professional musical guidance to the members through workshops.
  • Share accomplishments within the community with performance venues ranging from schools, non-profits, governor's open house, weddings, to the concert stage.
  • Serve as good will ambassadors beyond our community at state, national, and international levels.
  • Bring other ensembles to Juneau.